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Principal’s Message - April 2021

Human Touch - Soil of School Culture

Our school history and vision, policies and regulations, behaviours and facilities are the building blocks of a school culture which is created and shaped by different stakeholders over a long educational process. The culture of the school and its deep-rooted heritage lay the foundation of its development, and whether the school culture can be effectively inherited is the key to its continuous development. As a Principal with no prior experience in Hoi Ping, I fully understand that it takes more time to familiarize with the school context and sort out the paths of inheritance. The school is a place to educate people. When people come together, there will be relationships and bonding which will result in inheritance.

Teacher-student bonding is the link to the school’s cultural heritage. It is always touching to see former students come back to their alma mater and talk about their old school days with teachers. It is touching to see how much students cherish their past and appreciate their teachers. It is even more touching to see that the school culture has successfully passed on from one generation to another. Hoi Ping graduates have a strong sense of belonging and are willing to support the school in various ways, such as being a sharing guest or providing scholarships. Recently, the school has established an Education Fund which aims at supporting the continuous development of the school and allowing more Hoi Ping students to receive quality education. Some alumni immediately contacted myself through teachers, hoping to support students by contributing to scholarship donations. The school is home to Hoi Ping graduates who always miss their alma mater and it is not rare to find them joining school functions. The collective memories and common language with their fellow graduates and teachers are so precious that they would love to pass it on to the current students, hoping that such beautiful heritage will flourish.

Such overlapping relationships also increases the bonding between teachers and the school. The highly respected founding heroes, retired teachers and teachers who have left the school have their unique place in students’ hearts and can bind people together. Recently, the librarian has been sorting out and scanning the precious historic photos of Hoi Ping. Every photo is fascinating. We would wonder which teacher it is and what event it was in the pictures. When Mr Shing shared with me the variety show back from the 20th Anniversary Celebration, I was deeply touched by the loving relationship between teachers and students. Entering the tide of retirement, we have to treasure these precious assets even more and consider how to turn the beautiful culture they have built into a boost for the school’s development. If their expertise can be passed on to their successors and enhance professional development, both old and new teachers will benefit from it.

At the beginning of the Year of the Ox, with guidance from our Art teacher, Ms Chu, we invited Hui Hoi Lam of 3C to design a New Year Card to greet and wish all Hoi Ping-ers a new year of blessings. We wish to build a platform to gather the predecessors and recall the Hoi Ping memories in everyone’s hearts.

For the school to move forward, the cultural heritage must be upheld and passed on. To do this, all Hoi Ping-ers must come together as one. Human touch is where the school’s culture is hinged. Without such bonding, the people are not more than a physical existence.