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  • 2017 HKDSE and JUPAS Results

2017 HKDSE and JUPAS Results

  • Cheung Ching To (Four 5** and Three 5*), Medicine, CUHK

  • Wong Fu Wa (Three 5**, Two 5* and Two 5) Medicine, HKU

  • 2017 HKDSE High Flyers

HKDSE results were released on 12th July 2017. To many diligent Hoi Ping students, this was an occasion for celebration as their hard work was awarded with excellent results.

In the past six years, Hoi Ping students have brought home remarkable results in the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination (HKDSE).Our statistics of achieving the general university entrance requirement have shown a significant rise from an average of 77% in 2012 and 2013 to 86% from 2014 to 2017. Similarly, the percentage of students obtaining Level 4 or above has risen from 59% on average in the first two years to 69% in the recent 4 years.

Results of Outstanding Students in 2017 HKDSE:

ClassName5**5*5Best Five
6BCheung Chin To4334
6BWong Fu Wa32233
6BChang Yau Ming2432
6BPoon Pui Fung23132
6CCha Lok Yiu2132
6BChan Hon Kit3131
6BLi Po Yan1431
6CLam Hoi Ling1431


JUPAS Offers

Having acquired commendable HKDSE results, many of our students were admitted to prestigious local universities for further studies. They stood out in the JUPAS with 54 of them being admitted to the University of Hong Kong, the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. 75.2% of our students obtained JUPAS offers.


This year, 4 students were admitted to the medicine programme while 2 were admitted to law offered by either The University of Hong Kong or The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Students who are interested in translation, global communication or management also have their dreams come true. It was indeed another fruitful year for Hoi Ping students.




Awardee of Hong Kong Scholarship for Excellence

With goals set high and efforts put, our student, 6B Sham Chiu Yu Sam has reaped the Hong Kong Scholarship for Excellence, which grants him an amount of up to HK$450,000 per annum. Sam is going to study engineering in the Imperial College London, which is ranked eighth and third in the world and the UK respectively.



Sharing from our high flyers

6B Leo, Cheung Ching To (Four 5** and Three 5*)

Leo Cheung received four 5** (English, Mathematics, Chemistry, and Economics). Being the Head Prefect of our school, an avid actor who took part in many school drama productions, and a committee member of the English Association, Leo had to arrange his time well for his studies and responsibilities. None of these posed a great challenge to him, however, because he has always been an effective learner since a young age.


Leo would look for mock exam papers online to test himself, and that was how he was able to build a solid foundation on knowledge. When asked how he managed to consolidate his language skills, he answered, “I like reading classic Chinese texts like Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio (聊齋誌異)! Doing extra writing practices helped too, as he would ask for teachers comments to seek improvement. To him, homework was not a chore but an opportunity to learn more and achieve more.


The DSE syllabus is demanding and on top of that, Leo had to juggle schoolwork and duties; does that mean he has to burn the midnight oil all the time? “Nope, I never work late into the night! This was said in such certainty that one could almost feel how determined and serious he was about his studies.


Leo has set his sight on CUHK Medicine. We wish him good luck!



6B Tom, Wong Fu Wa (Three 5**, Two 5* and Two 5)

Tom achieved 3 5** (Mathematics, Economics, and Chemistry) in the DSE. What is his secret of success?

Tutorial classes are popular among many Hong Kong students because their lessons are exam-oriented in nature, and they seem to guarantee satisfactory DSE results. Tom held a different opinion. He did attend one or two tutorials, but after that he thought it was better for him to be a self-reliant learner. His key of success was his proactive attitude towards learning. To make sure he could catch up with the learning progress, he would do more than enough, like finishing extra assignments and then asking for teachers’ feedback. This was as important as paying attention in class because he could learn what was not mentioned in lesson time; this provided him with more resources for self-improvement.


Tom is a strict observer of self-discipline. S5 and S6 are very hectic years for Hoi Ping students because they face numerous assignments, projects and ECAs. As a serious learner who did not settle for less, Tom always tried his best to finish his assignments despite the mounting workload. Besides, he never waited until tests and exams to clarify muddy concepts as he would start revision as early as possible.

Like Leo, Tom is also considering the possibility of joining CUHK and HKU’s Medicine programme. He looks forward to getting hands-on experience in the programme so as to find out where his interests lie.