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15th Kowloon Region Outstanding Students Award

Date: 06/12/2023

Our student, Chan Chi Kong, Brian of S6B has actively participated in various kinds of extra-curricular activities and voluntary work, both inside and outside school throughout his school years. His outstanding commitment and involvement have earned him the prestigious Outstanding Students Award in the 15th Kowloon Region Outstanding Students’ Election jointly organized by the Education Bureau, Kowloon Region School Heads Association, and the Hong Kong Youths Unified Association.


The purpose of the election is to assist candidates in equipping themselves for future challenges. During the election period, Brian actively participated in various interviews and activities, including an exchange trip to Nanhai, FoShan, China. This trip provided him with the opportunity to engage with top students from mainland China, allowing them to exchange ideas and broaden their horizons. Additionally, Brian had the privilege of visiting notable landmarks such as the XiQiao Mountain, Huang Feihong Lion Dance and Martial Arts Center, and Nanhai Senior High School. Under the guidance of experienced professionals, he gained a deeper understanding of Chinese culture, fostering a stronger connection with the mainland and enhancing his sense of national identity.


The Outstanding Students’ Election was a highly competitive and rigorous process, making Brian's achievement even more commendable. Receiving this award serves as a testament to his exceptional leadership qualities. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Brian for this outstanding accomplishment. Congratulations to him!