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S2 Service Learning Programme

Date: 28/05/2024

From April to May 2024, we organised a service learning program for S2 students. To foster empathy and understanding, our students first watched a thought-provoking movie called “Distinction”, which revolves around a group of people with diverse disabilities.


Following the movie screening, our students conducted community service by coordinating activities for the elderly people and housewives living near our school, with a special emphasis on Mother’s Day. This aimed to make a positive impact on their lives.


Then, our students reflected on what they had learned and observed throughout the service learning experience. This self-reflection allowed them to gain insights into their personal strengths and weaknesses, fostering personal growth and development.


Lastly, to further enhance the sharing and learning process, students had the opportunity to present their reflections to their classmates. This occasion encouraged dialogue and collaboration, enabling students to broaden their perspectives and inspire their peers.


We are truly proud of our students’ active participation and the positive outcomes achieved through this service learning programme. It has provided them with valuable experiences and instilled a sense of compassion and social responsibility.