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Hoi Ping Fencing Team Takes on Macau

Date: 13/05/2023

From May 13-14, 2023, our fencing team took part in a fencing tour in Macau. The overnight trip provided an opportunity for our students to train and compete with representatives from Macau and beyond.

During the tour, our team went up against the MGM fencing team, representatives of the Macau Fencing Association, and fencers from the City University of Macau. It was a challenging and rewarding experience for everyone involved.

The trip also allowed our fencers to learn from their peers from different cities and clubs, which broadened their horizons. All of our students returned from the trip having gained valuable experience and knowledge.

We are proud of our fencers and their achievements in Macau. Their dedication to the sport and their hard work paid off in the competitions, and they represented our school with honor.

Congratulations to our fencing team on a job well done!