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CUHK Teenpreneurs 2023

Date: 29/07/2023

On 29th July 2023, two of our S5 students had the pleasure of joining the CUHK Teenpreneurs 2023. This was a one-day summer program that provided students with a unique opportunity to equip themselves with basic business knowledge and help them develop their academic goals for future university studies.


Our students got in touch with current CUHK students and participated in a case study aiming at strengthening their problem-solving and entrepreneurship skills. Additionally, they had a brief tour of the CUHK school building, including its library. A lecture was also provided to give students an early taste of lessons in the CUHK Business School. These activities aimed to enhance students' knowledge about the business sector and the CUHK Business School, with the hope that our students could have a clearer direction for planning their future path.