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2013 HKDSE Results

2nd HKDSE Exam Results Report


Highflyers Captured Stars for Anniversary

Hoi Ping’s tradition of academic excellence is passed on from year to year. In the 2013 HKDSE exam, Hoi Ping students once again achieved outstanding results. Their studious success is a perfect gift for the school’s 40th anniversary. The following are statistics of students’ results:


Back row from left: Mr. Kong Siu Wing, 6B Chong Chun Yi, 6B Ng Kwing Cham, 6B Ng Yat Hei, 6A Lau Chung Kei, Mr. Leung Yiu Wing
2nd row from left: Mr. Lui Fu On, 6B Yau Vivian Lok Yi, 6E So Chui Wa, 6B Hung Chun Kit, Ms. Wan Mei Yuk, Ms.Wong Shuk Yee
Front row form left: Mr. Yeung Chi Keung, 6B Pang Cheuk Ting Amy, 6B Lam Kwong Chuen, 6B Fong Pui Kwan, 6B Cheng Yeuk Ki, 6A Lam Tsz Ting, 6B Ng Pui Ying Debbie





Stories from High Achievers

Results of the 2013 HKDSE exam have been released. With more than 80,000 students sitting for the exam, what qualities should you possess in order to stand out from the rest? Three students—Cheng Yeuk Ki, Ng Kwing Cham and Chong Chung Yi, all highflyers in their own right, have their unique stories to share.
Calm and collected
Cheng Yeuk Ki scored five 5** in the DSE exam. As one of the most outstanding students in Hoi Ping, she had her own way to deal with exams. “Contrary to popular belief, studying hard does not guarantee good grades. To me, being able to have a firm grasp of concepts is the most important.”
If the DSE exam is a game, Cheng is surely an adept player who knows the rules very well. To prepare for the DSE exam, she read a lot of past papers to understand the exam format. In addition to her wits, family support was another favourable factor to help Cheng get good grades. Cheng said that her family never gave her much pressure, as they believed that it would only affect her performance. “Just relax, so that you can recall what you have learnt,” said Cheng in her usual calm voice.
Cheng has an unwavering commitment in her aspiration—to become a doctor specialising in oncology. “I want to study medicine in university. A very close family member of mine died of cancer. From that day onwards, I knew clearly what I wanted to be and set my sight on medicine. I hope that one day, I can save people from this serious illness.”
Never too late
Ng Kwing Cham secured two 5**, three 5* and one 5 in the HKDSE exam. His story is one-of-a-kind. Ng had been spending all his life in mainland China until his family made a permanent move to Hong Kong in S4. It was the watershed in his life. At first, he was overwhelmed by the huge difference between Hong Kong and mainland education. “My greatest challenge was the language barrier. In my old school, lessons were conducted in Chinese. In Hoi Ping, English is the medium of instruction.”
Language skills cannot be mastered overnight, so how did Ng manage to overcome difficulties and make his way to acing the DSE exam?
“I spent twice the time than others on revision. I read a lot— newspapers and books of different genres—as reading is a really effective way to brush up your language skills. And of course you also have to be determined. It’s never easy, but it’s never too late.”
Ng plans to study medicine at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. It is his childhood experience that initially got him interested in medicine. “I used to get sick easily when I was small,” said Ng, who has an athletic physique and towers over his peers. “I had to go to the doctors frequently. Watching them work, I became fascinated and decided to pursue the same career.”
Making friends with time
Chong Chung Yi is an all-round student. In the DSE exam, he scored two 5** and one 5*. In Hoi Ping, he was the captain of the school’s highly successful Athletics Team. His secret to success: good time management.
“Instead of hindering my learning progress, team practices actually made me into a more disciplined, confident and energetic person,” Chong explained with an assured expression on his face. “They really helped with my studies.”
In addition to a tight training schedule, Chong, as the captain of a thriving athletics team, was committed to a lot of responsibilities. Good time management helped a lot. Earlier this year, the school mock exam clashed with inter-school competitions. Between training, duties and revision, Chong had to strike a balance. “For the mock exam, when on my
way to school, I revised on the bus; to prepare for the competitions, I did a lot of training at home in order to be fit enough.”
As a versatile student, Chong’s interest is not limited to sports. “I love Mathematics. I would like to study Mathematics Education in university so that my students can share my passion for the subject!”